DIY : Bookcase Dollhouse

I went to Suria Sabah last Friday (27th June) with my husband only to realize Mothercare outlet is now here, in KK. I totally have no idea when was their opening since I also don't remember the last time I went there.. wow. 

It's common for first time visitor to check the entire shop without having the intention to buy anything..ahahaha. Except for the Pupsik. Its too tempting but luckily I didn't bring enough cash to check it out from the shop. 

Was on our way out when I heard 1 mom asking the shop assistant about a playhouse furniture. Then I saw this pink playhouse on the display and heard the mom mumbling out its price.. RM900++. OK. That was EXPENSIVE to me. I called my husband and pointed him the playhouse. As soon as I stated the price his excited look fade away. I knew he was frustrated coz I he would want to buy it for our daughters. 

Then, this morning I saw this adorable DIY dollhouse made from bookcase. Who ever invented this idea is a genius! With few materials, you could build your daughter a lovely dollhouse. Get the full tutorial here Land of Nod

As a parent I know I want to provide the best for my kids. I want them to have all toys in the world but I also have my limitation. Gotta find another way to make the kids happy and I think DIY is one of the way. 

Good luck! Will definitely tell my husband about this!

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