TWO Ingredients Cake

Next on my list would be this lovely looking 2 ingredients cake! Hopefully bole buat masa cuti minggu depan nanti sebab macam sangat senang pula nak buat. 

Picture credit to Lady with the Red Rocker

Kalau resipi ni menjadi, sy share la dengan semua. Tapi kalau x menjadi, erm... Diam2 ja la maksudnya.. hahaha... 


1 kotak Strawberry cake mix
12 oz diet 7 up

Cara2 buat:

Campurkan campuran kek tu dengan 7-up dalam satu mangkuk dan kisar dengan mixer electrik sampai betul2 sebati. 

Lepas tu, bakar ikut arahan dalam kotak cake mix tadi. Tapi menurut Lady with the Red Rocker, bagus kurangkan suhu oven ke 325 darjah celcius dan kurangkan masa membakar selama 5 minit. 

Maksudnya, kalau arahan suruh bakar 30 minit, kita bakar 25 minit sj. Sejukkan dan letak frosting ikut citarasa masing2. 

Baca arahan ni macam senang kan? Jom kita try ramai2, mana tau jadi. Kalau jadi tu share2 la hasil anda semua k.. Nelly mau try nanti. Tunggu DH balik supaya ada org tolong monitor anak2 dulu.. :) 

Email Accounts Created for the Daughters!

I've successfully created two email accounts for my daughters. I hope it will be the greatest gift they ever received.. Finger crossed! 

Lepas ni bolehlah tulis diary panjang2 sebab tidak semuanya saya boleh kongsi d blog atau FB sebab sgt privacy... 

Ibu2 lain bila lagi?? 

Personal Review: 5 in 1 Facial Care.... Sooo in Love!!

Today I'm going to share with you this wonderfully affordable item for skincare. Although I'm a female, I don't consider myself as a beauty freak. All I want is a good skin because I believe good skin does offer flawless beauty to all female. 

I told you I'm not a beauty freak. So, I never pay attention to the latest skincare tools available in the market. I don't have a specific daily / weekly / monthly skincare routine. I don't go for facial because to me its too expensive and I hate the idea of having to share the skincare tools with strangers even though they sterilize it for each customer.   

I don't use mask regularly although I know I can simply buy it at cheaper price from Guardian or Watsons or simply DIY my own mask. I seldom scrub my face as well. So do you think I have the right to complains when I feel my skin (specifically referring to my face) is not glowing like the others? Of course NOT right? I can only blame myself for the dead skin cells on my face.  

Getting frustrated with my face skin each day, I decided to buy 1 of these facial care set for myself. Bought it from Lazada during sale for about RM28. To be honest, I don't expect too much from this item because its very cheap but walaaa... It's in a very excellent condition when it arrived at my doorstep.   

As per product name, 5 in 1 Facial Care, it comes with 5 different 'tools'. It's very light so I don't think it will be a burden to be brought together during travel / outstation. However, it's battery operated only using two Double A battery. 

It has high & low setting, depending on what we prefer to be using. But for face, I strongly recommend low setting because there are lots of delicate areas on our face.  

1. Sponge like 'brush'. May use it to wash our face. 
2. Brush tool. I think it is the scrubber to helps remove the dead skin cells on our face.
3. Also a sponge. Same like our compact powder's sponge.
4. Massager. I love this 1 so much... 
5. Scrub but for less delicate skin areas like our foot. 

I'm going to give this product 5/5 rating because of its function and affordability. This will be a great gift for mums, sisters and girlfriends... 

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